7 / 15 / 21

Well, after months of reconstruction it seems this website is almost done. Just in time too, as I'm due to go under the knife in about six days. In the meantime I have quite a few exciting plans with friends in the coming days and I need to make meal plans while I'm recovering. I still can't believe you're not supposed to eat or drink 12 hours in advance. Mostly excited to have 2 straight weeks of doing nothing but laying around and recovering, no work or anything.

I bought Guitar Hero about 2 or 3 weeks ago and it's just as great as when I was a kid, but I've beaten it and craving more. I ordered Guitar Hero World Tour and Tony Hawk's American Wasteland to alleviate myself from this and I'm stoked to play the shit out of both.

I'm talking to this girl in Conneticut right now, she's a lot older than me but she's really, really hot. We like all the same music and have similar politics and she's really funny to boot. I'm hoping it goes well and stays kind of consistent, maybe we can make it a whole thing.

7 / 17 / 21

Last night and today have been very eventful. I tried poppers for the first time last night but I don't think they worked on me, kinda like people who don't have the right enzymes for edibles to work on them. Weird how some people's bodies are wired to react differently to different drugs.

I watched Gummo (1997) for the first time today. It was interesting. The animal death sucked, but it was a pretty accurate depiction of what Ohio is like. All they needed was a scene of some of the weird neighborhood kids mixing their mom's vodka with a big glass of Faygo.

Also, the soundtrack was immaculate. Sleep, EYEHATEGOD, and Mortician in one go? Please.

7 / 28 / 21

I'm a week into recovering from surgery and I'm ready for this shit to end. It's not even painful, it's the fact that where I live is notoriously muggy every single Summer and it's impossible to shower seeing as I have two massive tubes stuck in my torso, huge pieces of gauze that can't get wet, limited arm mobility, and am notoriously itchy. I'm glad the hardest part is over but I'm ready to move on with my life. I'm starting to go stir crazy.

In less bitchy news, a few months back I tried to order a copy of the anti millenium edition of Kerrang! magazine, but with COVID and the fact that Kerrang is sourced overseas, it got lost in the post. I found it again through another saler and I'm hoping it actually arrives this time.

8 / 3 / 21

FINALLY got the stupid tubes and bandages out and off my body, showered for the first time in days yesterday and feel better than I've ever felt before. Nothing much else is going on, I've just been listening to Cobra Starship and Switchfoot all day.

9 / 21 / 21

Everything has happened and yet nothing has happened.

I'm back to work and almost 9 weeks recovered from surgery. It rules. I also tried acid for the first time before hitting the club on Saturday and had the greatest night of my life, I'm still shocked at how much harder a lot of music hits when you're blasted on psychadelics.

This weekend I'll be seeing Napalm Death and Pig Destroyer, among a number of other fantastic bands.

Super stoked about Halloween this year, still trying to decide between Johnny Cage, Dante Sparda, Jin Kazama, and Badman from No More Heroes as potential costumes.

9 / 25 / 21

Yesterday I went to my first ever house show, befriended people in various local bands, and today I'm seeing Napalm Death. Life is sweet.

6 / 22 / 22

Been a while since I've written anything here. Nothing much new in my world, honestly. Looking for a new job as my current gig is (while cozy) becoming a fucking drag. Ideally I'd like to be a public school janitor; I love cleaning and I like kids and government / union benefits + holidays off sounds like a pretty awesome setup. Too bad schools are hesitant to hire anyone with little to no experience :/ capitalism sucks.

I did acid on my own for the first time ever the other day. It was great. I watched cartoons and movies and went on a walk and made a million voice memos about fuck all, because I had a lot to say about the state of the world and the nature of humanity but no one to share these ideas with. I was vibing with myself as opposed to entertaining others or having to compromise what I wanted to do with anyone else. My only regret is that I didn't do it earlier in the night, when everyone is asleep so I don't really have to monitor myself.

I'm going to do it again this weekend and maybe try to find some cool adult coloring books online. I really wanted to color.

7 / 11 / 22

I don't wanna jinx anything, but I think my life is in a pretty good place right now. I'm talking to two really cute girls, can't really decide which I like more yet but it's still early in the dating game and none of us are looking for anything serious, so I'm not gonna spend a lot of time fretting about that. Had my first drum lesson today and feeling good about it, hope to start a Punk band or two with some friends (no one wants to drum in the city but everyone wants to start a band, so I'm a micro celebrity among men, lol.) This is the first time I've had free time in the past 4 days, it feels good being so productive.

Still looking for a new job, unfortunately. It's kind of hard to find a gig that pays the same as my current one without having a degree. I'd really like to do a mechanic intersnip or something and say fuck retail altogether by next year, I'm kind of sick of waiting hand and foot on people and being at the end of corporate leashes.