September 19th, 2020
new site layout & intro:
televandalist is the brainproduct of mason reticle it is a beacon of nichities; a site where he will talk about whatever he likes (namely music) whenever he likes.

to any passerbys: welcome, and enjoy your stay.

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November 4th, 2020
mood: active.
listening: love exchange failure, white ward.
watching: black mirror season 5.
reading: soviet, not russian. (william mandel, chapter 8, pg. 183), art, sex, music. (cosey fanni tutti, chapter 2, pg. 217), we both laughed in pleasure. (lou sullivan, chapter 3, pg.125).
playing: N/A.

October 10th, 2020
diary entry: music opinions
sometimes a break from a specific genre is necessary, and for me that genre is gothic rock. i was rewatching donnie darko and completely forgot there's a scene with killing moon by echo and the bunnymen, now their 1984 classic ocean rain is on repeat on my spotify. they were never really a band i had preference with or anything (joy division / sisters of mercy / bauhaus were my gothic rock trinity) but i now have a greater appreciation for them. that whole album is probably the closest you'll get to understanding what floating in an ocean of white wine and lilacs feels like.

ian mcculloch has a terrible habit of overgratifying his own work, but i do have to agree that killing moon is probably one of the greatest songs ever written. nocturnal me is the track that sticks out to me the most though, due to it's grand, sinister edge. i've always read it as a sort of "suicide as a revenge tool" note from a scorned ex lover rather than something as simple as "edgy sex and maybe a little heroin", but to each his own.

September 24th, 2020
diary entry: internet gems
i can't believe some of you have never seen my favorite video on the whole internet.

September 22nd, 2020
diary entry: music opinions
christian death, my favorite death rock band after rudimentary peni, which is probably not saying a lot cus i'm not very good at stomaching a lot of that death sex and gloom shit anyway. CD has never really had a consistent sound, as their entire vibe has always been pretty abstract, and the band lineup is / was constantly changing. constantly you should see the wiki page for past members. for this reason though, catastrophe ballet is probably my favorite album of theirs. rozz williams, correctly described by friends and peers as on of the most flagrantly gay men who's ever existed, was very inbetween touring and starting his own solo projects during the concept of this record, and it seems he let a moment of vulnerability slip through a track or two.

as evening falls.

it's my favorite track for this very reason. rozz was notorious for being the darling of the world of heterosexual men, for better and for worse, entering and exiting a revolving door of failed love affairs until the months before his suicide, and i think this song was alluding to some the early stages of one of them. he's also a pretty decent crooner, put this on shuffle in your friend's basement and watch the bats flock to get a good spot on your shoulder.

there's a sort of requiem left on his behalf on; a testiomny from an old roommate and dear friend of his. i've searched high and low for the biography this is sited from but i can't seem to find anything that isn't in french. :(

September 21st, 2020
diary entry: music opinions
i wish learning about music from other cultures didn't just mean listening to classical and/or pop music. wormrot is my favorite grindcore band of all time and a good chunk of the appeal for me is that everything-- aesthetics, lyrics, and musical background-- is so deeply entrenched in being a product of the scum that is global northern imperial dogma.

i suppose classical music is the root of all music genres regardless of where you're from, thus making it more accessible, but i also feel like you're not really learning anything new if you're not venturing outside your comfort zone and possibly doing a little extra research.

and please stream voices if you love feeling like junkyard dog kibble.

September 21st, 2020
diary entry: gaming opinions
i know skateboarding is a very ecletic subculture, but i really think people are missing out on putting more grindcore / death metal on on their soundtracks. if your whole vibe is skate or die, it's logical to have a soundtrack that makes your ears implode.

y'all ever experienced some shit like this while blasting sepulcher? nothing else like it.

September 20th, 2020
diary entry: always sunny rewatch
if no one else is gonna say it i guess i will: i used to walk down south street every night after work and i've NEVER had kaitlin olson and/or glenn howerton hunt me for sport. what the fuck did i even move to philly for?

September 14th, 2020
diary entry: life update
my copy of art sex music arrived today!

September 07th, 2019
diary entry: life update
guess who went to the freaking gun range today, babie!!!!

i definitely prefer long guns to hand guns, especially ones that took out american pigs worming their way through vietcong territory in the 60s. also, happy labor day everyone.

^^ here's the targets i hit.

September 3rd, 2020
diary entry: food and drink review
those of you who don't know me probably don't realize what a fiend i am for mountain dew. you can imagine my elation at seeing a limited edition 2020 / halloween"voodew" brand of the stuff while walking about the shopping center that night, despite knowing full well that mystery flavored anything is just a conglomerate of all the leftovers from flavors they had no idea what to do with. what can i say? even a little pinko like me is not immune to shilling out for product.

it ultimately just tastes like green skittles but who doesn't like green skittles? also, dat box art doe.

7 stars outta 10.