Kick back with a can of your favorite soda and enjoy some of my favorite sites, videos, and miscellaneous links.


Hell's Headbangers: The official website for one of many extreme metal focused record labels founded in the US. Regardless of your opinions on metal or your intent to buy, you've gotta respect the layout of this site.

Metal Archives: A mass database for every heavy metal band, album, EP, and single you can possibly imagine. It also doubles as a forum.

Music Map: Find artists similar to ones you already like.

Unplug: Just trust me.



The Impossible Quiz

Fancy Pants Adventure

Devil's Lair: Devil May Cry fansite.

yourscenesucks: Funny guy roasts various music scenes with a familiarity that only someone from the scene could.

My 80s bedroom: Did these kids know they'd be a major source of interior design inspiration for me? Probably not.

Kissanime: Where I watch Bleach.

Watchmoviesfree: Fuck a streaming service. Paywalls on interesting Medium articles got ya down? Just plug the URL here.

Instutionalized: The official fansite of my second favorite Crossover Thrash band, Suicial Tendencies.

Death Metal Underground: The internet's oldest and longest running Metal site.

9/11 Realtime: Click through the channels on the day of one of the most significant moments in 21st century US history. (Very surreal from my perspective; I was only 2 when it happened, but I remember most of the cartoons playing on some of these channels very vividly.)

Returntothepit: Old radio host dude streams and reviews Hardcore and Metal shows.

Ryan Sallans: Shoutout to a real one. Come on now.

Internet Movie Firearms Database: Find and archive awesome guns without relying on bitchass libertarians.


1986 Heavy Metal Memories By Those Who Lived It & Heavy Metal Mom and Teen Disagree: These two are combined cus they're basically sequels of one another.

Anime Food Explained: by Denzel Curry, Zack Fox, and Thundercat.

Black Kid Asks Lemmy For Advice: This video always made me feel better as a teenager.

Metalhead Teens In a Record Store: Southern boys show you their town and the metal bands they like.

Dragonfly Katana: This video pisses me off. I love it.

This is Hip Hop: Watch the master at work.

Roseanne of The Conners: A leftist reading of one of the first sitcoms that made me fall in love with TV.

Don't Bother Me: A lad named Smidget absorbs humanity's swag and puts it to good use in 3 mintues.

Punk Rock Hyenas: Henry Rollins: Former Black Flag frontman indulges his time in Socal, specifically the time he overdosed on LSD.

Slave to the Grind: My favorite Grindcore Documentary.

One More Try: Trippy skateboard wipeout compilation.

Blind Skateboards: Video Days: A Spike Jonez experience.

Jared's MTV Hour: Music videos I watch when I'm drunk or high.

Southern Comfort: R.I.P Robert Eads.


Bolt Thrower vs. Neonazi Scum: One of my favorite bands stands up for their black fans and makes me an even bigger fan in relaying the story.

Fight Club: Fight Club.

What Football will Look Like in the Future: Long read, but it's worth it. I promise.

The Kray Twins and Boxing: Remembering a Lifelong Passion for Violence: Synopsis of two of the most notorious criminal athletes from East London.

I'm a trans woman. I'm in the closet. I'm not coming out.: This made me think a lot harder about what it means to be a man.

Sour Milk: Unsettling, but cool.

HELL: My friend writes good.

The Fighting Irish, Jewish, and African Immigrants of the Golden Age of Boxing: Exactly what it says on the tin.

Everyone is Beautiful and No One Is Horny: She was spitting.

The will to change: She was spittin too.

Death in the Ring: A 120 round grudge match ends horrifically. Basically a primer as to why we have referees and safety regimines in combat sports.