glitter maker


A page dedicated to-- you guessed it-- all the beautiful women I'm fond of. Real, fictional, black, white, trans or not, THE URGE TO LOOK AT BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IS THE VERY ESSENCE OF A MAN!!!!!!


Goddammit man, what's not to love? This girl was sweet, talented, authentic, laid back, brilliant, and drop dead gorgeous. When J. Cole said "my only regret? Couldn't take Aaliyah home." I felt that at my fucking core. There's an essence to her that only a woman can bring to the table, in everything from her music and fashion sense. And apparently, she was into the dark side of things too; I mean, she played the Queen of the Vampires in Queen of the Damned, and was even due to do a collab with Jonathan Davis of Korn fame before her untimely demise. She definitely made her mark in her short time on this Earth, and that's not to be underestimated in any capacity. R.I.P, princess. <3


The milf of all milfs, the woman that made me understand the narrator of "Stacy's Mom". This lady is fine as fuck, not to mention practical and attentive, at least that's what I can tell from interviews and the way she generally carries herself onscreen. She's a briliiant, confident black woman, and nothing is sexier than that.


You see the gif above, right? I mean, I can go into this lady's roles in Boyz n the Hood, Love Jones, Friday, In Too Deep and Are We There Yet and the raw charisma she brought onto the screens during each of these performances, solely by playing herself over and over again, but I don't think I need to. This woman is so hot, she doesn't even have to think about how hot she is. She just is.


The most employed woman on the planet rn. Idk man, her chemistry with Marcus on The Bear really solidified my crush on her. She's a geeky black girl, and thriving on it too. She has the sweetest, cutest face in the world, and she'd probably be fun as fuck to smoke with. Idk, she seems happy and bubbly in every interview and I eat it up every time. Again, nothing is more attractive than a witty, successful black girl.


I think Huey Freeman put it best:


She's a nice bisexual Christian girl who likes to party. I'm a (pressumably) nice, Agnostic straight boy who likes to party. All her songs are fun and positive, but retain an angle of realism that I can really get behind, especially now that her shitty manager has no hold on her anymore. Idk man, I have a type.


Just. Fuckin. Look at this woman, man. Fuck you if you don't get it.


Even I gotta kneel to the occassional tomboy, man. An earnest woman is the sexiest thing in the world.


She's funny, horny, hyperactive, has a pretty cool job, loves cars, and drinks like a sailor. An adult woman with a child's heart. What else can I say? Truly a woman after my own heart.


The sole female member of the Queen's Protestant Knights, the descendent of a long line of vampire hunters. This woman is a goddess, walking around in cool suits, smoking cigars, shooting nazis, giving orders, kicking ass and taking names. I'm telling you, there's truly nothing sexier than a confident woman with authority.


I'm pretty sure this woman was the first to give me a boner. She's calm and observant, pretty much confident in everything except her ability to find a man (which is a total bullshit character arc, considering this woman can use like, a million different jutsu of 6+ elements and is the fucking Mizukage, but whatever.) She's got that flirty, sensual personality too, just drives me wild every time she hits a guy with a "what a shame, having to throw down with such a handsome man" or "a kiss will make you melt" oneliner before running off to battle. ugh.


This girl is everything. She's scrappy and tough due to a rough upbringing resulting in her dropping out of school at 15 and being forced to raise 5 kids by herself. But she's also vulnerable and altruistic and helpful and willing to do just about anything for friends and family. Plus, she's fucking gorgeous. Look at that fuckin smile in the first gif, I could melt.